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Well, here goes….

Posted in Uncategorized on February 4, 2010 by Jello Morales

They finally did it, I snapped. Snapped like the backbone of American decency and intelligence. I’m here to record the death throws of a Nation on the brink. It is a lot of things that drove me to create this blog. The sheer ignorance of the majority of the American people. From Politics to Music, it seems that most people cannot think for themselves. Right wing Josef Goebelles clones preach on the radio to millions about the evils of socialism, while these same millions are cashing their social security checks and getting socialized medicine through Medicare.

The Grammys the other night was a good example of the dumbing of our nation. I think they are all a load of rubbish. Black eyed peas are one of the biggest plagiarist in music. Gaga has one album out and she is being called the queen of pop? The Grammys are a joke, it is a popularity contest fueled by ratings and buzz rather than awarding music that will endure for generations. Do you really think that people will be singing “Single Ladies (Put a ring on it.)” a year from now? Probably not because the average American has the attention span of a ritalin addled 10 year old.  Its not the fault of the average American. They are brainwashed by corporate cable television, telling them who to listen to, what to wear, what cocktail to drink.  Some of you are thinking, “fuck this guy”, he hates America” On the contrary, I love where I live. I’m just tired of ignorance running rampant in this country. This blog will be my vehicle for exposing some of the ignorant lies that are drowning this country in a sea of stupidity but also showing the positive side of what makes our nation great.